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There are many different kinds of houses; masonry houses, length houses, t-houses, funky houses and many others. Funkishuse came to Denmark around the 1920s-1930s with the desire to make the houses more functional. It is actually from the word functionalism that the term funky houses originates.

Funky houses are very characteristic, and a type of architecture that most people will be able to recognize. Funky houses consist of geometric shapes, such as squares. Moreover, the expression of the house is simple, and one sees no superfluous decoration, but a neat and clean facade, which often consists of asymmetrically placed doors and windows. This helps to ensure the functional requirements for natural light and views. Inside, the expression is also simple, as funky houses mostly consist of large bright spaces, which invite to the same minimalism and functionalism that is seen on the facade.

Although this type of architecture has a 100 year behind it, it is still extremely modern. Especially in Scandinavia, it is appreciated, and one sees an improvement in this type of housing. This is probably mainly due to the desire for a functional home, where there is room for the whole family to frolic in the large bright rooms.

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