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There are many different types of houses, and it is actually only the imagination that sets the limits for one's housing dreams. The many options help to make the housing market a jungle, and it can be really difficult to decide what kind of house you want. There are many factors to consider in your deliberations. Among other things, you must consider how big a house you want, while at the same time it must also fit the plot you have.

One of the types of houses that are obvious to a family is long houses. With longhouses, finances and functionality go up in a higher unit, so you get the most for your money. Now it may be that you are sitting and thinking: "It sounds good enough, like a boring type house.". Here, however, you are wrong. It is possible to incorporate your own style. The longhouse has the property that you can, for example, easily add a carport at one end. In addition, longhouses can also be obtained with a saddle roof, flat roof or one-sided slope. So there are several ways you can put your own personal touch.

If you choose to build a longhouse from new, then it will be obvious to do on an elongated building plot. In this way, you also get the most out of the garden, where the whole family can frolic.

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