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Angle houses
The housing market today is huge, and there are many different types of houses to choose from. The one of the types that have been popular for many years and still are are angle houses. Choosing an angle housing has some very clear advantages. The first advantage must be the terrace, which is created by the right angle that the house has. This simply makes the house bigger, as you get an outdoor space, which is easy to use, as you have direct access out there. In addition, the terrace, which will most often be located so that there is afternoon sun and fairly windless.

Another great advantage, especially if you have half-grown children, is that you can easily create an adult and teen department, so that privacy is protected a little. Moreover, it is a building style that fits into all neighborhoods. Vinkelhuset is an obvious choice for the family with teenage children, who both appreciate cunning privacy, but who also appreciate quality time with the family, for example on the beautiful terrace.

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